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Go get it for your solar builds :) r/DestinyTheGame • @BungieHelp: "UPDATE: This is a complex issue, and as a result of testing, our original timeline for a server-side fix has been extended.Explosive wellmaker makes solar wells, volatile flow needs void. Yup im combining explosive wellmaker + Melee Wellmaker in order to gain both a solar & void Elemental Well, one to proc Volatile Rounds, the other to proc Well of Life. Im sorry I didnt explain the interaction better.Fun fact, it does proc explosive wellmaker if you kill multiple adds ... That's due to smokebomb counting as 'explosive', it uses the same kind of damage calculation (Wherein things take less damage the further away they are from the impact), it's just far less noticeable since the radius of smoke is so tiny in comparison. Reply

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2. Does graviton lance work with explosive wellmaker? 3. Can I get explosive wellmaker? 4. Does font of might stack with well? 5. What grenades work with explosive wellmaker? 6. Which ARC 3.0 is the best? 7. Which is better Sunshot or graviton Lance? 8. Does Dragonfly spec work with explosive payload? 9. Does Grenadier work with explosive guns? 10.Title. I'm guessing the extra shatter damage is not coded as tied to grenades or melee, unlike shattering crystals normally. So if the Fissures damage is what kills a target, it will not proc these wellmaker mods, though Explosive Wellmaker still works.Shouldn't Controlled Demolition trigger Explosive well maker. Controlled demolition says "further damage to a volatile target causes them to explode". I mean it's right there in the description. I'd expect it to, since shatter does, but then again warmind explosions don't activate it so... yeah, dunno. I agree with you tho, I'd expect ...Melee wellmaker will drop a well at the defeated enemy, basically right where the sunspot ends up. Well of life gives 13 hp per second, and restoration gives 50 hp per second. So overall it's 63 hp per second or 1.25 times the base restoration affect. So now you can get good heals while also bonking with synthoceps on.Explosive Wellmaker. The most important mod for this build is Font of Might. This mod directly increases the damage potential for Merciless. And you need only pick Solar Wells to activate. This is good because every other mod is used for the express purpose of making Solar Wells. (Well of Life is the exception.The build I had in mind (though primarily leaning on embers of benevolence, which is currently disabled) utilizes both Reaping Wellmaker and Explosive Wellmaker (specifically with an explosive primary, my choice being Fighting Lion~) to consistently generate both void and solar wells.Explosive wellmaker makes solar wells, volatile flow needs void. Yup im combining explosive wellmaker + Melee Wellmaker in order to gain both a solar & void Elemental Well, one to proc Volatile Rounds, the other to proc Well of Life. Im sorry I didnt explain the interaction better.Sep 25, 2021 · ***[With the release of Lightfall, Explosive Wellmaker has been deprecated and the information in this video is no longer relevant. Thank you.]***I was curio... Constant health regeneration, gaining ability energy from Supers, and allowing explosive weapons to spawn elemental wells are just a few things these new offerings allow. This guide will give a quick overview of how elemental wells work, how to obtain these mods, and a detailed explanation of what each mod does—including a few synergies that ...Reaping Wellmaker spawns rift on enemies you kill with a weapon after using class ability. You still have to pick it up. Honestly the fragment is way better, I'd rather run seeking wells or bountiful wells then void flow. Void flow is used best on a hunter. Warlocks and Titans have better options for ability cooldowns.I've been running Elemental Ordnance, Explosive Wellmaker, Bountiful Wells, and Font of Might on my Lock Might take off Elemental Ordnance and make room for the Dilation perk instead since Firebolt Grenades proc with Explosive Wellmaker anyways So take off Bountiful Wells and make my five modsThis is my main complaint about Solar 3.0. A lot of weapons that are BASED on solar burns and explosions have no synergy with the subclass. I believe that once we get used to the subclass, we may accept the new changes, even the bad ones. However, if we have 1-2 weapons that work, it will surely be underwhelming.Explosive Wellmaker is a go-to mod for any player constructing an Elemental Well build centered around grenades, spawning Solar Elemental Wells upon rapidly defeating combatants with explosive damage.Sunspots, Fusion grenades, Ashen Wake, any hard hitting solar special/heavy weapon, Explosive Wellmaker, Elemental Ordnance, Bountiful Wells, Font of Might, Well of Ordnance. I get grenade energy from any grenade kill, Sunspots regen all my abilities faster, and 2-3 solar wells gets me a full grenade charge. I can spawn 4 solar wells with 2 ...Seeking, explosive, bountyful, well of life & font of might is myElemental Ordinance is a guaranteed well spawn on 1 kill. Explosive Kills with grenades and Throwing Hammer will generate solar wells thanks to Melee Wellmaker, Explosive Wellmaker and Elemental Ordnance. In turn, Well of Ordnance will regenerate grenade energy ...How do I get the explosive wellmaker mod? See more posts like this in r/Mudae. subscribers . Top Posts Reddit . reReddit: Top posts of November 16, 2022. Reddit . reReddit: Top posts of November 2022. Reddit . The first is made of Explosive Wellmaker and Well Explosive damage consists of anything that deals damage over an area (known as AoE damage by most). What Works With Explosive Wellmaker A few notable sources of explosive damage include: The mods I use in GMs are Well of Life, Bountiful Wells, Font of M

Flame harvesting gives 1 well every 2 kills! Put on explosive well maker and bountiful well's and your getting 4 well's per kill.Explosive Wellmaker creates a solar well on 2 rapid explosive kills. for some reason, this also includes withering blade, allowing blade to generate its own CwL with elemental …Explosive Wellmaker Lightfall Hey, I've been away for a while and my brother convinced me to return for Lightfall. I've been trying to put together some of the grenade builds I've been seeing but I can't figure out how to aquire explosive wellmaker.However for Explosive Wellmaker to proc, it seems to need to have at least 2 enemies die at once (like less than a second) from a grenade as it will only spawn the Elemental Ordnance well if 1 enemy dies first and there are not enough enemies to proc Explosive Wellmaker's condition of 2 or more rapid kills. Explosive Wellmaker. Explosive Wellmaker. Elemental Well Mod. Version Log . Season 20 Season of Defiance. Deleted - 2/24/2023; Season 15 Season of the Lost. Modified - 12/6/2021; Season 14 Season of the Splicer. Added - 5/10/2021; Reviews . To write reviews and manage your Guardian while playing, install Destiny Item Manager. 0. …

I've been running Elemental Ordnance, Explosive Wellmaker, Bountiful Wells, and Font of Might on my Lock Might take off Elemental Ordnance and make room for the Dilation perk instead since Firebolt Grenades proc with Explosive Wellmaker anyways So take off Bountiful Wells and make my five modsBest. Add a Comment. D1BetaVet • 1 yr. ago. No it doesn't randomly drop. It is only from that season, for now. Once Witch Queen comes it will probably be out in Ada rotation but until then since it can be earned via the Servitor it isn't available any other way. DaiGlow • 1 yr. ago.GLs. With or without chain reaction. Any element. sorted by Q&A The caveat is that it has a weird interaction with the jolt mechanic, especially with the longer duration of Storm ……

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. I activate radiance, then have the perk wh. Possible cause: Been using Severance Enclosure and having tons of fun with mini hammer.

Suggested Mods: Ashes to Assets, Explosive Wellmaker, Elemental Ordnance, Well of Ordnance, and Bomber. There are throwing grenades, and then there are throwing grenades . This build is about ...Top tree Arcstrider with Bombardiers, melee wellmaker, explosive wellmaker, well of life, well of ions. I could probably make an invis hunter or a vesper of radius warlock build with reaping wellmaker pretty easily. Warlock'd also be able to use explosive wellmaker because devour scatter spam.

I'm trying to build mods around the new Solar keyword synergies & can't find anywhere if the Ignition explosions caused by Scorch trigger the Explosive Wellmaker Combat Style mod. Yes. Been using that as part of my build. Very cool.Explosive Wellmaker also functions off of the explosions created by it for easy solar wells even when not running solar classes (or an explosive weapon). When testing a while back though the Finisher explosions did not create solar wells, only powered melees did. iirc was tested beginning of Splicer and hasn't been relevant since, might have ...Another example would be explosive wellmaker and well of life, both solar mods. You could use a grenade launcher, or most grenades to proc explosive wellmaker. You could then have well of life on another solar armor piece for the healing benefit while on non-matching subclass. Something I use quite frequently is seeking wells on a lot of my builds.

Friendly reminder that Lucent Blade is bein This in combination with Elemental Charge is good. QSS can also generate solar mods through explosive damage (Explosive Wellmaker). The gun is so much fun to play with and I'm enjoying building around it. The gun being good already and with Voidwalkee being able to weaken at demand is so so good. Happy building, Guardian! What counts as explosive damage for Explosive WellI want to say it's High-Impact or potentially Ad Advertisement Probably the most important factor in the birth of wireless Internet has been the proliferation of digital cell phones in the last few years. The expanding network of digital cellular and personal communication services (PCS) ... Constant health regeneration, gaining ability energy f Put on elemental ordnance + Explosive Wellmaker and you'll get two wells on a grenade multilkill. Worked really nice for my Starfire build last season! Rand0Calriss1an • Hunter • 1 yr. ago. Incandescence and void explosions. Prior_Alarm5609 • 1 yr. ago. Malfeasance procs it, it's very inconsistent though.On mods I've been running Melee Wellmaker, Explosive Wellmaker, Bountiful Wells, Well of Life, Font of Might ( I recently swap Explosive Wellmaker for Font of Wisdom). ... It's excellent for Dungeons and non Master raids though (unless you are overlevel) as the knife kills and explosions with eruption absolutely rip through ads. HERE IS MY BEST WARLOCK SOLAR BUILD!! Chromatic explosive Wellmaker bountiful wells EquipSo I've been trying out the new set of Elemental Salvager's Salvo. The only way out is through. Häkke armory got hit same time as the Tower disturbance. Forensics suggests that three Psions used a kinetic splitter to get through the security barrier and matter displacement anchors …Wolfpack Rounds is Gjallarhorn's Intrinsic trait which causes all of its rounds fired to split into a cluster of missiles that track enemy targets. The Path of Burning Steps gives Firewalker - Solar final blows improve weapon damage. At 4 stacks it is a 35% damage buff in PVE. All solar final blows work to stack the buff, ability and weapons. Storm nades work fine just don't use th Another user mentioned Explosive Wellmaker, which does work on all stasis explosion kills. It'll only spawn Solar wells however, not Stasis wells, so that might not work for your build. Reply Shepard-vas-Normandy • ... Firework displays are a captivating spectaclExplosive wellmaker: basically what you think it does. Makes Explosive Wellmaker will trigger if you freeze more than one target and get a multi kill when you shatter them. You could then run a solar armor mod that triggers regen when you pick up a solar well, but for Stasis the Whisper of Rime fragment is a better choice. It will give you a ten second oversheild if you are at 100% health when you hoover ...